MTS – Modithread Technical Services

Our strength is our back up of Technical support and we always stay close to our customers with our determined technical support which includes:


Thread & Needles Advisory - A reliable back up in minimizing the sewing faults, thread breakage, and garment rejection as well.  

Thread consumption - An effective support in cost cutting (thread) & maintaining controlled thread inventory.

Trouble shooting – On production floor.  

Technical Seminar – Interacting with shop floor personnel and Merchandisers for the selection of right Thread for the best performance of thread at the shop floor level with minimizing the cost of sewing threads. 

Thread & Needle Advisory
A reliable back up service in minimizing
• Sewing faults
• Thread breakages
• Garment rejection
• Thread cost

Thread consumption estimation
A effective technical support in
• thread cost reduction
• maintaining thread inventory

The key factors for thread consumption estimation:
1. Type of seam
2. Seam length
3. Stitch per inch
Thread wastage