Modithreads International

Modithreads International belongs to the renowned Modi Group in India. Modithreads is operating for more than 50 years in India.
Modithreads International is one of the largest sewing thread manufacturers and marketing all types of thread under “Modithread” brand including 100% polyester spun threads for all types of garments including Denim, core spun threads (poly/poly and poly/cotton) and Polyester Trilobal embroidery threads for high speed machines. These products are manufactured using state of the art technology. Nylon 66 Bonded, Nylon 66 Lubricated (soft) and Nylon 6 Lubricated (soft) for all segments of the leather industry including the shoe industry and Kevlar thread for heavy duty specialized end uses. Modithreads is also manufacturing 100% cotton sewing thread, 100% cotton embroidery threads including pearl cotton, crochet yarns and stranded cotton.

All the above qualities are being manufactured in various construction, colours, count/denier and tex, make-up catering to the specific end users.

Modithread products are Oko-tex certified under class I (for infants), by Testex, Zurich, Switzerland and have highly dedicated indent service lines to deliver special dye-to-match shades from our plants. The plants are ISO 9001-2000 certified.

Modithreads approach is highly service-oriented. Modithreads cater to all requirements of sewing threads used for garments and made ups and supply the best quality including 100% polyester spun and Core spun range of sewing threads in any package size, tex, quality and affordable price.

  The company has sale depots cum stock points at Noida, Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Kolkata, Bangalore, Ahmadabad and Chennai.  

Presently the company is supplying sewing threads to all major garment exporters in the country who are manufacturing garments for various overseas buyers.  

To cater to the needs of the garment manufacturers Modithread plants are located near to the consuming centers. The plants are located at Bangalore, NCR near Delhi, Indore and Jabalpur.

More information on modithreads can be obtained on the website and on Modi Group on