Modi Groups

The USD 1.2 billion, Modi Group is one of the largest Industrial Conglomerates in India. Founded in the year in the year 1933 by the late Rai Bahadur Gujarmal Modi, the group employs a dynamic workforce and makes diversifications into various sectors of businesses keeping in tune with the changing times as long as it represents a move forward.

The Group has presence in various business sectors ranging from Agro to Chemicals, Entertainment to Education, Consumer Goods to Travel, Textiles to Telecommunication, and Pharmaceuticals to Cosmetics. The Modi Group currently manufactures / markets a range of products and services such as sugar, steel, soaps, pharmaceutical products, telecommunications, cosmetics, vanaspati, chemicals, man-made fibers, textiles, sewing threads, cigarettes, electrodes, alcohols, pesticides, vacuum cleaners and water purifiers.

The Modi Group has collaborations with world renowned companies like Rohm & Haas Inc, USA; Phillip Morris Inc, USA; and, Saha-Union Plc, Thailand, Lazing Austria, and Revlon USA just to name a few.