Global Spread:

Modi threads export market spans far and wide across the world reaching more than 50 countries including U.K., USA, Italy, France, Germany, Denmark, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Hongkong etc. The company is proud of the demand for Modithreads in the USA, Europe, Middle East and South East Asia. The London office of the company co-ordinates and spearheads the export programs.

Among the Modithread products which enjoyed brand identity abroad are MTM, Barouque, Robin, CD, Cock, Mermaid, Lesur, Polysew, Twilleys Twenty, Panda Dyscot, Panda Regal and Panda Coral.

The export of Modithreads is a clear testimony of the quality product in meeting the International standards.

The products which are exported include Cotton & Polyester Sewing threads, Cotton Embroidery, Crochet thread and hand knitting threads

Modi Hanro Limited, U.K. - A Joint Venture

Modi Hanro Limited, U.K. - A Joint Venture project is a testimony of acceptance of the quality of threads exported by MODI-THREADS.
Modi Hanro Limited has been set up as a joint venture company in U.K. in partnership between Modithreads International and Holdsworth and GIBBS (Dyres) Limited, Manchester, U.K. the company is manufacturing and marketing cotton embroidery and crochet threads.
The finished balls introduced with maxi caster lanels have become a grand success and has become very popular and prominent in EUROPE-specially in the French market.